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Over two decades ago, Stephen Csanadi had worked for a for a tree service as a temporary job. It did not take long for him to realize that he loved pruning, and safely removing trees. It was mentally and physically challenging, in a fun way! Unfortunately, priorities forced him to find another job. He then landed a job as a pressman at a printing facility working night shift.

He worked as a pressman for many years when he found a box truck with a built-in wood chipper for sale. On days and weekends he used this truck to provide tree work for friends and family and the occasional word of mouth referral, all while maintaining his other job. His work ethic, personality, and heart took care of the rest. Word traveled, and within a couple of years enough work was coming in that he was able to start Tree Of Life Tree Management Service.

He quit his job as a pressman, and invested all of his time and resources into trees. Of course all of this could not have taken place without the support of his family! Since then, he has never been happier, providing exceptional work throughout the Lehigh Valley.


Over a decade later, Tree Of Life has continued growing and has become a very successful tree management service with thousands of clients, many as continuous customers. We offer a wide variety of services such as removals, trims, and firewood delivery, and we also take on many landscaping projects. We have a fleet of work vehicles including the ONLY 75 foot bucket truck in the Valley making large and dangerous trees as safe and easy as possible to remove.  Tree Of Life is FULLY LICENSED and INSURED and provides work for both commercial and residential clients.

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