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What type of tree is on my property?
When should my tree be removed?
When should my tree be trimmed/pruned?
How do I choose a tree service?
How do We price jobs?
Should I be home during the job?

Choosing a tree service is not always the easiest thing to do. Clearly we recommend ourselves as we are FULLY LICENSED and INSURED with years and years of experience, but please refer to this article to help determine which company will fit your needs.

Determining what type of tree is in your yard can be done by observing the leaves, bark, fruit, overall shape of the tree, and other factors. Click here for an easy to use database to determine what type of tree you have.

Usually if the tree shows any signs of rotting in the trunk, or has many dangerous dead limbs, its time to take it down. The earlier this is detected, the better. If a large tree is left to rot for too long, it can become very dangerous for both the homeowner and the company removing it.  

If you have trees on your property, at some point or another they will need some maintenance. Dead limbs in the tree, storm damage, or the tree has overgrown its space are all valid reasons to have a tree trimmed or pruned. This best time to have this service done is during the spring or fall. 

Our pricing goes on a job by job basis. We price on account of danger, accessibility, size, and the overall amount of time the job will take to complete.

This is completely up to the home owner. We are more than capable of handling any job safely and efficiently, but for some home owners they feel more comfortable to be at home during the job, which is entirely understandable. Regardless, we will account for any of your needs.

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