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Tree removals involve cutting, roping, and other skillful techniques to safely and efficiently remove an entire tree down to a few inches off the ground. See below for stump removal services to remove every last inch!

A healthy trim refers to removing all dead limbs out of a tree that is still very much alive. Some conflicting limbs may also be removed that have the potential to break, and to allow wind to pass through to prevent future storm damage and to improve the overall appearance of the tree.

Topping a tree can harm a tree and we do not recommend this service, although sometimes it is deemed necessary. Topping a tree involves removing the entire top of the tree back to lateral branches. This service can be performed for different reasons such as safety, aesthetics, or to stimulate new growth.

After a tree is removed, only a stump is left containing part of the trunk and the root system. This part of the tree is very difficult to extract, so instead we grind it out with a stump grinder. This service is often coupled with a removal, but if you choose to have the tree removed by other means, we can come in and take care of the stump for you!

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